By using a special technique, we offer a “Drink Powder” brand “INIC” that tastes like fresh ground coffee which is distinctively different from regular instant coffee. It’s a powdered coffee which lets you enjoy a flavor like high quality drip coffee by just putting one stick into a cup and adding hot or cold water. INIC is different from the original instant coffee manufacturing method, in that it uses its individual special technique creating ultrafine particles to replicate an authentic drip coffee flavor.

INIC stands for
“It’s Not Instant Coffee.”

We have succeeded in capturing the inherent delicious taste of coffee with our uniquely developed manufacturing process. All it takes is just five seconds to enjoy a richly aromatic cup of coffee that tastes like it’s just been freshly drip brewed.

  • Just like drip brewed!
    Exquisitely delicious taste

    We researched the most appropriate extraction method to bring out the best of the coffee beans to their maximum potential, and discovered a way to overcome the shortcomings of instant coffee. The result is an exquisite, truly delicious coffee that can be enjoyed without hassle, even in busy moments.

  • Easy and convenient! Iced or hot, in just five seconds

    The Premium Fine Granular Powder, created from a special manufacturing process that involves turning the coffee extraction liquid into a mist and desiccating it instantaneously, has an amazingly fine-grained texture. It dissolves quickly in just five seconds, either in hot or cold water.

  • Care in the ingredients Absolutely no colorings or additives

    This coffee has absolutely no colorings, fragrances, or synthetic additives, for a sense of reassurance in every cup.